Apres ski in comfortable luxury

Published: 25th August 2010
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If you are into skiing you'll know that an important part of the skiing holiday is the apres-ski scene Apres-ski clothing is important to the apres-ski experience, and the right clothes can make - or break - your night. However as for any type of dressing it is important that the clothes you wear fit your properly and are clothes that you feel comfortable in. This article will give you some information on après ski attire and how to feel comfortable yet look a million dollars.

One of the big questions that many skiers have is when does après ski start and when does it finish? That will depend on how you are feeling on the day. Some skiers choose to stop at the apres-ski scene right after their last run, still wearing their ski clothes. However, spending the night in insulating layers, snow pants, and worst of all - ski boots! - might not make for the most comfortable experience. Perhaps a good tip is to have a look at the various establishments after you have finished your last run but then quickly run off to your ski lodge to slip into something more comfortable before you start the evening proper.

The best things to wear are the sort of clothes that you might wear for an ordinary night out, but keep in mind the cold weather. The coolest thing is that because you're at a ski resort, you have the excuse to incorporate a few "alpine" pieces which you might not be able to get away with at home. Remember that whatever you wear you are going to have to walk back to the lodge at some point and so a pair of practical boots and layers of clothes are probably useful.

Layering is one of the best ways to dress in a ski resort. Also it is important to wear natural fabrics when creating a look that involves layers. This is because natural fabrics are more breathable than their synthetic sisters and therefore when you are going from slope to bar to slope you can redress so that you keep your body temperature at a comfortable heat all the time. Whatever you wear leave your ski suit, insulated snow pants and ski boots at home - they are just not the right things to wear after your have worn them all day on the slopes...

For a range of clothes that are great for après ski take a look at meandem.co.uk. They have clothes that are luxurious and yet comfortable - clothes that will make you look and feel great whatever the occasion.

Fiona Muller is a trained textile designer and has written a textile thesaurus. She is interested in fashion, comfortable luxury and how it can work for anyone regardless of age, size or race.

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